Evangelism Marketing in a High-Tech World

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Evangelism Marketing Requires Technology

Evangelism marketing in a high-tech world requires using technology to its fullest potential. That’s why we at SermonView are invested in developing tools to increase your effectiveness. Today, we’ll share some of the technology we use to help you draw more people to your outreach events.

SermonView Evangelism Marketing continuously invests in technology development, leveraging advances in online and mobile technologies to make your life easier and reach more people in your community. Those technologies include event websites, phone response systems, and a campaign management system. Let’s take a closer look at each piece of technology…

An Online Event Platform Designed to Encourage More Registrations

First, we’ve developed an online event registration platform designed to encourage more registrations for your event. Our platform gives you a personalized event landing page that looks like all of your existing marketing. The sites are mobile-friendly and look great on any device or computer. The site encourages visitors to pre-register for the event by reserving seats. Each page has technology designed to capture interests information for Facebook retargeting campaigns. Plus our template has room for event videos, speaker information, testimonials, online quizzes and articles that all help encourage registration.

Your website is also a tool for equipping members to invite their family and friends. Each page comes with social media invitations along with the ability to send a full-color email that is predesigned to match your events look and feel.

Maybe best of all, when a guest registers for an event, the system automatically confirms the registration and sends reminder emails prior to the event. Guests can also request confirmations and reminders by text message. These confirmations and reminders help encourage more registrants to show up on opening night.  As people register, you receive email notifications, plus you have access to a complete list of all your registered attendees through your campaign dashboard.

A Fully-Automated Telephone Response System Saves You Time

Another technology we’ve developed is a fully-automated telephone response system. Your unique campaign phone number leads to an all-in-one information solution. Callers can register, leave voicemails, and get directions to the event without having to be received by someone at your church. Our team transcribes all registrations through the phone system to combine then with your online registrations. That means you don’t waste your time listening to all of the registrations yourself.

All registrations from both the online and phone systems are consolidated into a single list, which is updated in real-time and accessible anytime online. With this list, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests on opening night.

An Online Proofing System Keeps You On Track

SermonView also developed technology to help you keep track of your evangelism marketing campaign throughout the process. When you provide your event information through our online form, our system reduces errors by sharing this precise information with every department involved in your campaign. Our online proofing system allows you to review every single job online before it enters production, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design. And as your products get shipped, you will receive shipping notifications with tracking numbers, as well as automated delivery notifications within minutes of delivery.

A Campaign Dashboard Designed For You

When your campaign is over, your campaign dashboard shows a variety of measurements about the success of your campaign. This allows you to compare your results with previous events, so you can see how your campaigns do over time.

We Are Committed to Evangelism

SermonView Evangelism Marketing is committed to using technology to improve your experience and help you reach more people for Christ. Contact us today if you would like to harness this technology for your next event, and help you bring more people through your doors.

Call us at 1-800-525-5791 or visit www.EvangelismMarketing.com today!