How to do Bridge Events

Reach your community throughout the year with proven resources and valuable evangelism marketing techniques to guide interests to your church time and time again.

Choose Your Event

Browse your favorite topics and choose from proven themes and effective campaigns, then customize the offer to meet your needs.
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Promote Your Event

Get all the tools and resources you need to successfully promote your event and maximize your attendance rates from start to finish.
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Host Your Event

Partner with evangelism marketing experts for successful methods to encourage participation throughout your evangelism cycle.
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Reach Your Community

Bridge Events are two-to-five-night events that address a felt need in your community and introduce people to your church without the barriers that are often associated with longer series evangelism.

Reach Your Community


Increase Your Effectiveness

Bridge Events will encourage a spirit of evangelism in your members, as attendees to your Bridge Events are more likely to attend your annual reaping series.

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Year-Round Evangelism

To help encourage maximum participation, we recommend correlating your Bridge Events with the needs that arise during specific seasons throughout the year.

Plan Your Year

Want More Bridge Events?

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