How is God Leading Your Church to

Reach Your Community in 2024?

Evangelism isn't just a series of meetings held every year or two. In a healthy church, a culture of evangelism flows all year round, resulting in a church body that is engaged and connected with their community.

Let's Make a Plan!
Evangelism Cycle chart

By using a system of regular, intentional activities you will reach more people in your community to bring through the doors of your church so you can build connections and encourage them to stay.

Lay the foundation for the year

Below are 3 simple ways we can help you reach into your community 24/7 in 2024.

Capture more


YouTube ads provide a unique and engaging way to build brand awareness for your ministry and invite people to take the next step. You record your videos. We handle the rest!

Get more


Get a steady flow of people from your community who want to study the Bible each month. Connect with your community and build your interest list throughout the year.

Gain more


When someone in your area searches for words or phrases relating to God, looking for a church, or wanting prayer, put your church website at the top of the page with Google ads.

Create your own Cycle of Evangelism

Get a full annual evangelism estimate to submit for your church's evangelism subsidy request.

Let's Make a Plan!
bible study

SermonView's unique guaranteed Bible study lead generation program, LeadGenerator, can give you a steady flow of people from your community who want to study the Bible each month. It's a perfect way to connect with your community throughout the year and build your interest list for the rest of your evangelistic cycle.

Let's Make a Plan!