Why Use the Event Pre-Registration Platform?

Our Event Pre-Registration Platform Increases Attendance

direct response platform

SermonView’s Event Pre-Registration Platform is a custom-crafted, cloud-based platform designed to get more people to your meetings. We’ve combined the best practices for a website registration system and a completely automated phone-based registration tree to help you connect with the people looking to attend your event.

Web Registration system

This all-in-one registration platform makes it easy for people to find and register for your event. This personalized website for your event encourages participation from both interests and church members.

Phone Registration system

Your unique campaign phone number leads to an all-in-one information solution. Callers can register, leave voicemails, find directions, or change their participation in evangelism mailers. You’ll receive email notifications after we’ve had a live team member transcribe the recording.



Social Media integration

Church members and new interests alike can connect your event with their communities–through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and more.

With a simple push of a button your members can engage their entire network with an invitation designed to match the look and quality of your event messaging.


Email Invitations

Invite anybody with a custom email invitation designed to match the look and feel of your campaign.

Parties can add up to 5 email addresses at the time to send out the custom message. This is a free and non-invasive way to maximize your personal invitations to recent contacts.


Topic Scheduler

List all, or some, of your topics with graphics and descriptions. Turn your website into a functional calendar of your entire event.


Multi-language Support

Each page can be developed to work in most languages. Spanish and English are already written and are yours at no cost or effort. Custom languages can be added for a small one-time fee.


Auto Follow-up

Your system automatically confirms the registration and sends reminder emails to any valid email address.


Registrant List

Download the registrant list whenever you need it. Downloadable as a .CSV file this is a great way to confirm registrations at the welcome table.


Live Recordings

Callers hear a recording of a real person asking for their registration information.


Emailed Responses

Don’t waste your time listening to all of the registrations yourself. If there is one that needs to be reviewed we’ll send it to you. Otherwise, all registrations get transcribed into email invitations that come along with the web registrations to form a complete solution.

View a Sample

Take a look at what a custom response system can do for your next meeting. Take a look at our sample page at

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