SermonView is ready to market your fall evangelism program.

SermonView's team of professional marketers use their talents exclusively to serve the Adventist church in finding interests from outside of the church. We have developed software platforms and promotional programs that combine to maximize your budget with real results. Here are 4 reasons to choose SermonView for your online marketing.

Full Range of Online Platforms

Our team will build ads in Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and the Google Display network. This accounts for over 85% ad saturation (excluding retail ad sites, such as Amazon).

Easy-to-Read Marketing Report

You'll see the hard numbers of each campaign and notes from your Marketing coordinator. Your Marketing Dashboard is updated weekly to keep you and your board informed. (See a sample report here.)

Personal Marketing Coordinator

Each campaign is managed by a dedicated Marketing Coordinator that is familiar with your target demographic and trained to maximize your budget for results. Churches can schedule zoom calls with coordinators to help go over results and improve the campaign toward your goals.

Audiences & Assets for the Church

SermonView has served Adventist churches on over 1,000 campaigns. Today, we have an algorithm for finding non-adventist guests interested in your events. Plus we have developed multiple online properties designed to increase conversion and remove your brand from our advertisements.

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Reach More People in Your Area

SermonView's comprehensive approach to marketing will give you the tools you need to reach more people in your area this fall, ready to study the Bible with you.

Experience Higher Conversion Rates

Our intuitive registration platform and robust marketing technologies will give you the power to convert more Bible study interests and cultivate real connections.

Use Your Budget More Efficiently

Use your budget for what is most important: to reach more people and make lasting impressions on your members—saving you time and resources.

Add Multi-touch Advertising

By adding multi-touch marketing to your evangelism marketing mix, we'll help you run comprehensive campaigns and reach a deeper, wider audience every time.

Always On Your Team

We are committed to fully understanding your needs and crafting a solution that meets your ministry objectives, on-time and under budget. And in those rare times when we get it wrong, we are dedicated to making it right. Talk to an evangelism marketing expert to craft a solution that meets your needs. Experience the SermonView difference for yourself.

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