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High-impact, low-touch evangelism.

Online events are an essential tool for churches in this day and age—specifically in the wake of the current crisis. But how do we cultivate community using online tools? There are ways and SermonView's mission is to work with you to make it possible. In fact, done correctly, you can engage more people into the first steps of connection using an online event.

This page will walk you through the options that will help you make the right decision for your church.

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Real numbers from the field

Cost per Registrant
Average cost to get a registration for meetings we promoted

-SermonView Average 2020-

Average Impressions
Average Impressions in a $500 Campaign.*

-2020 Campaign Average-

* Impressions are less important than cost per registrant and not a good indicator of success.
Average check-ins
Average percentage of registrants that check in on opening night

-Data from events using Attendance Tracker-

Cost per viewer
This is 55% lower than the cost of an in-person event

-202 Online Event Average-

A Comprehensive Online Event Marketing Solution

During these uncertain times, we can't afford to unplug from the rest of the world. You need a comprehensive marketing solution that works easily with any platform and encourages engagement with your community. Most importantly, it needs to capture information and give you opportunities for future engagement.

Capture the Information You Need: Online Registrations

SermonView has modified our proven online registration platform to work for online meetings too.

Your personalized site will give potential guests the relevant information for your meeting while driving people toward registration. After registration we'll use the registrants preferred method of communication (Text or email) to convey the meeting login details. Then our topic management system will inform guests 30 minutes before every meeting listed in the system.

Online Registration Includes

  • Proven Conversion

    Creating a landing page that encourages action takes experience. Our sites have been tested across thousands of meetings. for high conversion to registration.

  • Email Invitations

    Use your interest list or invite your members to send a custom email invitation designed to match the look and feel of your campaign.

  • Topic Scheduler & Reminder

    List all of your topics in this dynamic calendar on your website. We'll send reminders 30 minutes before each meeting by email/text to help people remember to attend.

  • Multi-language Support

    Pages can be developed to work in most languages. Spanish and English are already written and are yours at no cost or effort. Custom languages can be added for a small one-time fee.

  • Auto Follow-up

    Your system automatically handles confirmations and notifications so you can focus on meeting preparation.

  • Registrant List & Event Dashboard

    Access your event dashboard anytime to see your current registrations, download a list of registrants or see the status or marketing resources.

  • Social Media Integration

    Church members and new interests alike are encouraged to connect your event with their communities–through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more.

  • Interactive Resources

    Go viral in your community with a online quiz designed to ask and answer questions that will build intrigue leading up to your meeting.


Match the Method to the Media

We recommend a different combination of marketing for your online meeting—one that will save you money over traditional print for this type of meeting.

Print is a necessary spoke in the wheel for driving bodies through doors. However, we want to save that option for when our physical meeting halls return to us.

For now, we've developed a robust online package that includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.  Each of these online media channels have important roles to play when advertising an online meeting.

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Encourage Your Members to Stay Involved

Word-of-mouth marketing is an important part of a church's success. But during these times, it's important to encourage your members to get social.

Throughout your ad campaign, we'll supply your members with ways to share and respond to your invitation using their own social channels, encouraging them to stay involved. And we'll also offer interactive social elements, such as quizzes, short videos, and questionnaires to keep them engaged.

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Choose Your Online Event Marketing

Three bundles for all your online event marketing needs. Just choose the bundle that fits your church and we'll handle the rest.

Multichannel Online Marketing

Today there are many channels and many ways to reach people online. For online meetings there are specific channels that work best. SermonView will handle all of these channels, give your event separation from your existing.
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising

    Today Facebook and Instagram combine to the best form of online marketing for time-specific events. We've built an entire page persona that will increase registrations and reduce friction (keeping you from having to perfect your social media brand before you launch a campaign).

  • Twitter Advertising

    Twitter ranks third behind Facebook/Instagram for social media advertising. Adding Twitter will increase your demographic base and be targeted at people wanting information now.

  • Google Ad Campaigns

    Google is good for times when searches are high for biblical keywords. We'll add this service to the largest package so we have time to reach people searching in your community.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for reaching your community. We'll craft a well designed email and send it to your list of previous interests in our system along with any interests you have as well.

Always On Your Team

We are committed to fully understanding your needs and crafting a solution that meets your ministry objectives, on-time and under budget. And in those rare times when we get it wrong, we are dedicated to making it right. Talk to an evangelism marketing expert to craft a solution that meets your needs. Experience the SermonView difference for yourself.

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