Our Core Values

We’re passionate about ministry, and nerds for marketing. Our core values reflect on the principles of morality, integrity, and hard work that we are committed to living out every day.

Focused Action

We act with focus. We work hard doing the right things, with a bias toward thoughtful, positive action. We use our values and goals to dictate priorities, avoiding paralysis or chaos. We move swiftly for our customers and provide each one with focused attention to improve their experience.

Proactive Responsibility

We are proactively responsible. We work to define responsibilities, hold one another accountable, and take responsibility for our personal actions. We proactively communicate to our team members and our customers. Each problem we see becomes our responsibility to solve, or to report to the right department.

Effectiveness over Innovation

We strive for effectiveness and seek opportunities to prove this to ourselves and our customers. We define relevant metrics and continuously measure our performance. We innovate to improve our effectiveness, but never let a passion for innovation supersede our drive to increase effectiveness in our work and results.

Constant Improvement

We learn to improve, because we can always do things better. We believe that growing our skills and knowledge serves our customers, supports our coworkers, and helps to achieve the mission of the company. We believe in honest evaluations of our current strengths and weaknesses, regularly assessing each other and holding each other accountable to our learning goals.

Financial Discipline

We are financially disciplined. We use revenue as a scorecard, because it represents the real value we bring to our customers. To grow revenue, we focus on increasing our service to customers. We work to minimize costs without sacrificing quality or service. We invest in growth, and use profits for BREAD: employee Bonuses, Reserves, Equipment and Assets, and Debt repayment.

Grace to Grow

We offer compassionate grace. We are quick to praise, and slow to criticize. We acknowledge our flaws as humans and recognize that mistakes will happen. We see these mistakes as opportunities for growth, and correct them by focusing on the solution, not the person. When there is conflict with team members or customers, we initiate reconciliation, seek understanding, and offer forgiveness. We also know that sometimes creativity and learning require mistakes for maximum growth, and accept that at those times we all have permission to fail fast for the sake of growth.

It's Not Ours

We hold things lightly. SermonView is God’s company, not ours. He has brought this team together. The problems and victories are His; we are simply His stewards. As we are faithful to let God work through us, we are uplifting to each other and loving to the customers He has entrusted to us. And when we see success, God gets the praise.